10 Lessons I’ve Learned Through Being A Top Earner By 25…

10 Lessons I’ve Learned Through Being A Top Earner By 25…

One of the funniest things that happens to me usually about once every couple weeks, is when someone tells me I’m a natural at this whole Marketing thing.

I understand it, as I’ve been a top earner in a few different things by the age of 24 (I just turned 25), and I think I do a pretty good job at using that social proof to increase my positioning. I’m always blowing up any social proof I have, and am constantly using each small success to build more.

BUT… the truth is…

That I’ve actually just been doing this for a while now, and in the process have failed a TON, in order to succeed a few times, and hit a few oil wells when I did.

But honestly, looking back, there are plenty of things that if I would have known earlier, would have streamlined my path to success, and saved me plenty of pain in the process.

In today’s post, I want to cover the top 10 things I wish I would have realized earlier, which would have made my path less painful, and the process of building my business much more enjoyable.

Let’s dive in…

#1. Nothing outside of yourself will make your successful, no matter how good it may look. 

No matter how good an opportunity is, no matter how powerful the tool-suite may be, no matter how robust the compensation plan is, nothing outside of your own ability to persistently and consistently put in the work and improve will ever make you successful.

I had the good fortune of getting started with a program where 95% of all the resistance to being successful was taken out of the equation, and yet I watched as about 80% of members who got started with me ended up dropping off and quitting at the first sign of adversity.

As corny as it sounds, if you want to be successful in this, or any business, you’ve gotta be willing to get in the ring, take a hit, and then get back up when you get knocked down. The only reason anyone who you look up to is successful, is because they’ve failed about 1000% times more than you. For every 1 success, there’s 4-5 failures easily, and the only thing that will keep you going through tough times is having a strong mindset and a solid work ethic to fall back on.

# 2. Your beliefs will determine all of your actions, so don’t discount the importance of mindset. 

One of my favorite quotes is, “whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re probably right” – Henry Ford.

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What I’ve found to be most true in business, and in life, is that your beliefs will directly determine your levels of action, which will directly determine your levels of success.

If in the back of your mind you know unequivocally that you can, and will succeed at something, the hard work that you put in in order to achieve your goals becomes automatic, and you actually enjoy the process, as you begin to feel more and more progress.

If on the other hand, you don’t believe it’s possible for you to succeed, it’s going to be near impossible to get yourself to take action, and whatever action you do take will be half hearted, as you don’t believe any of it will lead to a positive result.

Your actions will be directly affected by your levels of belief, which will be primarily effected by your mindset… so don’t discount the power of positive mindset, and in having a vision.

For training on how to create a compelling vision… My buddy Ray Higdon is the guy you want to go to…

# 3. Building your list is an investment, not an expense.  

This is a BIG ONE.

You need to realize, that as an Online Marketer, your most valuable asset is your e-mail list. It’s what will allow you to get traffic on demand, make sales on demand, and create profits whenever you’d like, 100% free through simple e-mail promotions.

I’m sure you’ve heard it over and over and over again, but in case you haven’t, the money TRULY IS IN THE LIST.

If you’re consistent with followup, and are willing to learn a few skill-sets, you can very easily make about $1 per month per e-mail list subscriber… meaning that if you have 100 subscribers, you’ll be making $100’s a month… if you have 1,000 subscribers, you’ll be making $1,000 a month.

The bigger your list get’s, and the more goodwill you create with that list (we’ll talk about that in just a second), the more sales and money you’ll make.

Looking at traffic as an expense, vs. an investment, is a mistake, and a big one.

# 4. It’s not the size of your list, is the strength of the relationship that you have with it. 

Do you ever wonder why I take the time to write these blog posts, or prepare my podcast episodes, or shoot my videos? Most of them are more or less giving away free content, and if I’m selling in them, it’s only about 15% of the time.

So… why do I do it?

Well, the more problems I can solve for my e-mail list subscribers the more goodwill I’ll create with my reader base and the more of a relationship I’ll have with those real, live people who make up my list. That equates to increased levels of response, and increased sales when I decide to promote something to my list.

If all I do is sell, sell, sell, I position myself as a sleazy sales just trying to make a quick buck. Where on the other hand, if I provide value, provide value, provide value, I position myself as the trusted authority, and when I decide to ask for a sale, the resistance is lowered, and my prospects are predisposed to buy.

Offer value to your readers, subscribers and clients and you will go along way. If you provide more value to your readership, and marketplace than everyone else, you’ll will win the game. 

I focus on solving problems, and providing value daily, and in return, make sales 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If you’re not in constant contact with your list, and aren’t constantly solving their problems, you’re leaving heaps of money on the table. Start now, and you’ll be thanking me later.

#5. What can be tracked, can be improved. 

One of the biggest differentiators between the marketers who make the most, and those who barely scrape by, is split testing and optimization.

If you have a capture page converting at 30%, a video sales letter converting at 1%, and then up-sells converting and 5% across the board, very small incremental improvements will have a huge compounding effect on your entire sales funnel.

If you boost your capture page to 40% conversions, and video sales letter to a 2% conversion rate, you’ll immediately be making more than 2x as many sales, and will have more than 2x as many people coming through your funnel and viewing your up-sells. From there, if you can increase your up-sell conversion rate by 5% across the board, another huge compounding effect will kick in, and your revenues and profits will sore.

Making those adjustments is ONLY possible though if you split test, and optimize to improve. Split test the layout of pages, copy, social proof elements, everything you can think of. One adjustment might trigger a compounding effect throughout your entire funnel that will leave you VERY happy. 🙂

#6. None of what I’ve talked about earlier is possible without investing in yourself.

You need to constantly be investing in yourself. Focus on spending your time and money on building a stronger mindset, and improving your skill-sets. Read the books, listen to the podcasts, join the masterminds, buy the products… Do what you have to do in order to arm yourself with the skill-sets you need to succeed, and the mentality you need in order to never give up.

With a strong mindset, and rock solid skill-sets, everything that I’ve already covered here is very simple…You’ll know how to build your list, you’ll have a rock solid mindset in order to get yourself to take action and improve, you’ll constantly be bettering yourself as an Entrepreneur, meaning you can always provide value to your subscribers, and split testing will be something you feel AWFUL not doing. Everything will become simple, and you’ll start to operate as a well oiled machine.

Without investing in yourself, you’ll feel unsure of your actions, you’ll struggle to take any, those actions that you do take won’t end up the way you would wish them too, and then a negative reinforcement cycle will kick in, reinforcing your beliefs about “this stuff not working”, and “how you can’t do this stuff”.

Suit up for battle, learn the skill-sets, and improve your mindset.

Invest in yourself daily, and realize that whatever money you spend on products and services to do so, is an investment, not an expense, and just like the money you spend of traffic, it’ll come back 10 fold.

#7. Mastering one form of traffic is key… 

Traffic is the lifeblood of any business, whether it be people walking into your retail store, or people hitting your website… without traffic, you’ll have no business.

The key is learning how to drive traffic EXTREMELY effectively through ONE MEDIUM, before branching off and trying anything else.

Every form of traffic generation will be different, but you can make any work if you focus on learning how to use it correctly, and how to followup with that given medium. But if you’re trying to learn 4 different mediums, and all the various methods of followup associated with each, you’re not going to get very good at anything, and you probably won’t make much of any progress.

Focus on learning one traffic medium until you know how to generate 75-100 leads a day PROFITABLY, and then branch out and learn something new.

Once again, in order to learn any form of traffic generation, you must invest in yourself in order to learn the skill-sets necessary.

#8. The sooner you learn how to sell, the better off you’ll do. 

In today’s marketplace, it’s common to be told to build your list, and provide value to your list, which are once again, completely necessary skills to have. What’s not so common is to be told that you need to learn how to sell.

But here’s the deal… in this, and any other business, nothing ever happens until a sale is made… and if you can’t make enough sales, you’re going to go out of business VERY quickly.

I used to be the guy who could generate hundreds of leads a day, but would only ever make sales on the people who purchased on the first point of contact.

Where did that get me? Well… to be exact, $9,755 in debt, and without much of anything to show for it, as I killed all responsiveness with my list. 

Things only started to turn around for me when I learned how to followup with, and create profits from the 97%-99% of people who came through my funnels and DIDN’T purchase on the first point of contact.

How did I do it? Well, I learned how to sell. On the phone, over webinars, and through e-mails… All I ever focus on doing is proving value, solving problems, and selling. Provide value, solve problems, sell. Provide value, solve problems, sell. If that’s all you should focus on, all the time, you’ll be fine.

#9. The money’s in the list, but the fortunes in the followup. 

This kind of ties into #8, but if you don’t know how to followup with your leads effectively, you’re not going to make any money from your e-mail list unless you know how followup with your leads and make sales.

Learn how to write value infused e-mails that sell, learn how to host webinars, setup a consult funnel that gets people to reach out and call you… and then be never ending, and consistent with your followup.

If you look at your business as a longterm project, vs. just a means to an end to make a quick buck… following up with your e-mail list, and subscribers becomes something that you do automatically, and something that’s second nature.

# 10. Having fun along the way is key. 

If you don’t enjoy what you’re doing on a daily basis, then this business probably isn’t the right fit for you.

Long hours, plenty of alone time, working on weekends, and never ending amounts of failure are all things that are in store for you if you choose to take the path of an Internet Marketer, and want to be a top earner…

Having said that… enjoying the process, and enjoying what you’re doing, is absolutely key.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had friends come over on a a Saturday night to find me writing e-mails, creating content or listening to a new home study course.

If you want to be successful in this business, you’ve gotta REALLY love what it is you do.

If you don’t, that’s fine, this business just may not be a match for you and your lifestyle.

Having said that, I hope you’ve gotten a ton of value out of this post, and I hope you take what I share with you here today and apply it in your business immediately.

If you do, your path to success will be drastically streamlined, and you’ll find yourself with less overwhelm, more clarity, and a more enjoyable experience along the way.

Did you get value out of today’s post, “10 Lessons I’ve Learned Through Being A Top Earner By 25…”? If so, don’t forget to share on social media, and to leave me a quick comment below!

To Our Mutual Success,

Misha Wilson


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Misha Wilson is known as the youngest and fastest growing traffic and conversion expert on the Internet. He's known for his ability to bring hoards of cold traffic to any website he wants, and then convert that traffic into high ticket buyers and a group of loyal fan customers. If you're struggling to either get traffic to your website or convert your traffic into big sales, Misha is your guy.
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Misha Wilson is known as the youngest and fastest growing traffic and conversion expert on the Internet. He's known for his ability to bring hoards of cold traffic to any website he wants, and then convert that traffic into high ticket buyers and a group of loyal fan customers. If you're struggling to either get traffic to your website or convert your traffic into big sales, Misha is your guy.


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