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It’s come to my attention that many of you (my Super Affiliate Network members, and e-mail list subscribers)  are looking for an affordable AND fast way to build your Super Affiliate Network business (or any other business you may be promoting), WITHOUT any out of crazy out of pocket expenses that come along with paid advertising.

While I personally LOVE paid advertising, I’ve come to believe that it isn’t for everyone. Some people excel in one some thing, while others excel elsewhere. Actually, it’s been VERY impressive to see Ace and Rich Guzman make now just over $40,000 in total commissions using FACEBOOK PROSPECTING as one of there primary Marketing strategies… OR Karen Richardson make just about $30,000 in commissions doing the same (Facebook Prospecting) as a large part of her strategy.

Actually what I realized, is that ALL of my top earning members were doing one thing in common… Using a combination of the strategies I taught them in the profit boosting bootcamp (when it comes to paid traffic and followup strategies) ALONG with using Facebook organic (reaching out to red hod leads that WANT to buy) in order to build there business’s.

And well, that’s why I’ve decided to offer you, my Super Affiliate Network members (or soon to be members) Jessica Higdons “Social Media Recruiting” Formula and $30,458 worth of bonus’s to anyone looking to jumpstart there business and hit profit mode fast (bonus’s available until the cart closes).

The singular reason I’ve chosen to offer Jessicas course to you (over all the other ones) is due to the fact that with Jessicas course you’ll not only get results WITHOUT having to spend any money on paid traffic, but you’ll also get results FAST (her course teaches how to sign up upwards of 28 new members in just 30 days of less). If you know me, you know I love speed. And while most “free” traffic strategies are simply to slow… Jessicas strategies (when implemented correctly) offer you a combination of fast results WITHOUT any out of pocket expense.

…And well… to me, that’s a winning combination. Use these strategies in order to fund your business to the point where you can start using paid ads, upgrade in your opportunity, or just in general, to cash in big.

Having said that, let’s dive in…

Here’s what you’ll get from me as bonus’s, ON TOP of what you’ll get right here in “The Social Media Recruiting Formula”

1. The Super Affiliate Network Annual Membership (First 50 Buyers Only)


Now that you’ll know how to get the BEST leads into your sales funnels using all of Jessica’s prospecting guides and done for you scripts, I’m going to give you an offer that converts second to none to promote. This will allow you to earn big commissions with upfront sales, as well as deep commissions when your team duplicates (give your team these scripts and prospecting guides, and let them duplicate for you while you sit back and earn 20% on there pass-up sales). This offer alone get’s you done for you multi-channel followup, done for you sales funnels, a done for you sales team, weekly training, AND personal one on one coaching. 

Real World Value $297 AFTER price reduce – True Real World Value – $27,426

To see everything you’ll get in full go here:

And to checkout the annual sales page (exactly what you’ll  get), go here:

(If you aren’t familiar with The Super Affiliate Network, and aren’t sure if it’ll work for you, go here now… … And checkout the “Partner Congrats Calls” section in order to see just how well the system is working for all of my current members).

2. 100% Commissions On The Entire Solo Ad Success Formula Sales Funnel, Head To Toe (First 50 Buyers Only)

100% commissions

One of the most important lessons I’ve ever learned is this: Your income will be directly proportionate to the amount of offers you have to promote. Once you have someone that has bought something once (even if it’s only for $1), it’s then 10X more easy to sell anything else to that person moving forward. When you take your Super Affiliate Network Membership and apply Jessicas training to promoting it, you WILL start to have new team members (buyers) come on board. From there, all you do is simply offer The Solo Ad Success Formula up as a solution to there traffic generation problem (they’ll buy EVEN IF they have access to the bootcamp (a buyer is a buyer is a buyer is a buyer)), and you’ll walk with pretty $197 commissions on the front end, all the way up to big $1,000 commissions on the backend. …simply by offering someone a solution to one of the problems there facing. You’ll make big sales, and they’ll thank you for your suggestion. Real world value: It’s hard to put a gauge on something like this. If you were to sell just 10 of these per month (not hard to do) it would equal a MINIMUM (without ANY up-sells) of $23,640 per year for you and your business, AND, you can do it EVERY SINGLE YEAR. I’m going to be extremely conservative and give a moderate real world value of $997 as that’s what I’ve sold it for in the past (even though it’s actually worth SO much more). – Real world value – $997 

3. 1,000 Free Leads (First 25 Buyers Only)


 That’s right… When you get started and grab your copy of Jessica’s course today, we’ll build you a list of 1,000 people, 100% free (using our in house and proprietary coreg system) – Get these leads to connect with you on Facebook, and then use Jessica’s scripts with these leads in order to shortcut the process and get into profit mode fast. Real world value – $1,997 –

The only other time I EVER offer this service is when someone takes my $2,497 Super Affiliate Network PRO package, and I don’t ever intend on offering it again for under $1,997, as on average, it costs just about $2 per lead for us to generate with our business. 

4. The Push Button Profits E-mail Swipe File


 After you have your annual membership with the Super Affiliate Network, and you have your bonus leads added to your list, you’re going to need to be able to send them e-mails in order to make sales (maybe you don’t even want to connect with these bonus leads on Facebook, which is fine). That’s where my “Push Button Profits” e-mail swipe file comes into play. The “Push Button Profits” swipe file is made up of over 100 of my highest quality TESTED AND PROVEN TO CONVERT e-mails (these are e-mails that I’ve sent out to my list which have made sales for my business). When you make the measly investment today of only $297 (or 2 payments of $197), you’ll get all of my tested and proven e-mails to copy and paste as your own and send as you wish. Use JUST THESE e-mails with your new leads, and you’ll see greater results than 95% of any other affiliate out there. – Real World Value – $247

(Yes, I actually sell this for $297…

5. 3 Months FREE Click-Magick Link Tracking Platform 


Now that you have traffic to your website (you’ll have 1,000 leads to e-mail instantly in order get people to your Super Affiliate Network website), you’re going to need tracking. I’ve spoke with the CEO of Click-Magick and got him to extend the trial period from 2 weeks into 3 months for MY MEMBERS ONLY in order to ensure that you can get into profit mode and stay out of cashflow issues with your business. When you sign up for Jessicas Social Media Recruiting course, you’ll be sent a special link to sign up for Click-Magick where you’ll get 3 months free  Real world value $141

(Yes, you can see that for most people, they only give you 2 weeks of there trial to begin with):

6. Full Rebate On Your Investment In Jessicas Course Put Right Back Into The Traffic Coop FOR YOU 


Your commission that I earn for your Social Media Recruiting Formula ($150) will be put right back into your business with the internal Super Affiliate Agency COOP, AND I’ll MATCH the investment  in order to jumpstart your business from day #1 (we’ll send you an additional 150 clicks for a total of 300 clicks to your website). I DON’T WANT TO PROFIT FROM THIS EXTERNAL PROMOTION, (I make WAY more money if I get you producing and making sales with The Super Affiliate Network than if I just start selling you random crap). I simply want to give all of you (my loyal affiliates) more recourses and more information that will allow you to build your SAN business more quickly, even if you ARE on a budget. The more money you make with the system, the more money I make… So what I’m going to do is take all of the commissions I earn from sales of Jessica’s product and put them right back into the business in the form of coop spots for YOU, PLUS match that number and send you an additional $150 worth of clicks out of pocket in order to get you into profit mode FAST. We pay $1 per click with our coop sources, and when you invest in Jessica’s course today, you’ll secure 300 clicks in this month’s traffic coop (I get a 50% commission on sales made). Real world value – $300 – We pay $150 out of pocket for this service at an average of $1 per click.

7. 60 Minute Private Consult With Myself Personally (first 5 only)


 Here’s the deal: I only want to work with the people who are all in and who are looking to make things happen NOW. Most of you are Super Affiliate Network members, and know that last month we hit over $340,000 in total revenue earned. My time is best spent on building systems for myself and others to use at mass, NOT with personal one on one coaching. If I ever do offer private one on one coaching, I charge a minimum of $997 per hour. When you say yes and invest in your business today, not only will you get all of what we already discussed above, but you’ll also get a 60 minute private consult with myself personally (first 5 only) in order to help you overcome whatever hurdle you feel you’re facing in your business RIGHT NOW. There’s no better way for me to help you move forward in your business NOW than for me to give you my personal one on on one time. – Real world value, $997 (I currently charge all of my private clients $997/hour, and they ALWAYS say that they got more value than what they paid).

8. An Additional “Immersion Coaching” Session EVEN IF YOU AREN’T A PRO Member  


Many of you know that once a month I host an “Immersion Coaching” session for all of the PRO members. On these calls my members can bring me everything they’ve got going on in there business’s, and have me review it in a personal fashion. You find breakthroughs not only through me reviewing your stuff, but also through me reviewing all of the other members stuff, where you immediately start noticing that you’re making common mistakes and immediately see where you need to make adjustments. These calls are often times where my members have there biggest breakthroughs, and when you purchase Jessicas “Social Media Recruiting Formula”, you’ll get a immersion coaching sessions 100% FREE. If you’re a PRO, you’ll get a total of 2 this month, as I WON’T be “replacing” this one with the usually scheduled session. I charge $997 an hour for my time with personal coaching, and these sessions usually go on for over 3 hours. I shouldn’t have to reinforce the real world value of these calls very much at all. – Real World Value – $997

9. My “Better Than Money Back Guarantee”


One of the things I’m most proud of as the affiliate marketer that I am, is that I ONLY promote things that I REALLY BELIEVE can and will change your life. So, when you get started today and invest in your business now in order to learn the skill-sets you really need to succeed (without any out of cost expense)… I’m going to put MY OWN MONEY on the line, and GUARANTEE that you’ll get results if you take action. Go through Jessica’s entire course, apply what you learn to your Super Affiliate Network business, and keep TRACKED reports on what you’ve done (the only way I can make you this offer), and if you haven’t made all of your money back NOT COUNTING what you’ll make with the traffic coop, I’ll personally send you $100 just for wasting your time (on top of the refund that you can get if you’re not satisfied with the product). – Priceless

Total real world value: $32,952 – Yours today for just one payment of $297 or 2 payments of $197

Here at The Super Affiliate Network it’s in my best interest for you to succeed in your business. This promotion is in no way, shape, or form a promotion that I’m running in order to make a profit.

Actually on the contrary, I’m going to put 100% of EVERYTHING I make right back into your pockets with the rebate on the traffic coop.

This promotion is simply for me to get yet another effective tool in your hands that you can use to build your Super Affiliate Network business (which will equal long term profits for both of us) if you may be on a little bit of a budget when it comes to advertising funds.

I whole heartedly believe that when you take the information in Jessicas course, and combine it with everything I’m offering you here today in my bonus’s, you’ll be not only giving your business a jumpstart and getting off to the fastest start humanly possible, but you’ll also be giving yourself a long term solution to bringing people into your business without all the complexity of paid ads (or better yet, something to compliment your paid ads to keep your cashflow up while you’re waiting for “The Popcorn Effect” to kick into place).


If you want to jumpstart your business’s success, but don’t have the luxury of having thousands of of dollars to investing in paid traffic, Jessicas offer IS for you.

So, here’s what I want you to do next…

If you’re an action taker, someone who will take what we give them and run with it, and someone who’s willing to do whatever it takes to succeed Online… Click here to apply for your $32,952 Real World Value “Social Media Recruiting Formula” Bonus now!

I genuinely believe that this can and will move the needle forward in your Super Affiliate Network business, and look forward to getting on a congrats call with you soon. 🙂

Your friend and mentor,

Misha Wilson

Stage 2

P.S. With Jessica and Rays 30 day money back guarantee along with my “Better Than Money Back Guarantee”, you have nothing to lose, and literally everything to gain. Get started, go through the entire course, download all of the deliverables, and if you’re still not happy with what you’ve got, simply ask for a refund, and Ray (Jessicas husband) and his team will refund you with 24-48 hours (one of his team members works of projects with me as well, and I have close ties)… If you take action of everything and still don’t have success, I’ll even send you $100 for wasting your time (your single most valuable asset).

Click here to apply for your bonus offer right now!