Welcome Fellow Internet Marketers!

Thanks for coming to check out my Pay Per Lead affiliate program. This is a great opportunity for you to make some guaranteed cash, while I build my list. Please checkout the details below, and know that when you optin, you won't be receiving any sales promotions of any sort, this e-mail list is purely to keep in touch with my JV partners.

Thanks for coming to sign up for my private Pay Per Lead Affiliate program. My name is Misha Wilson, fellow Internet Marketer and Entrepreneur, and as of today, 4/29/14, I’m looking for 15-20 additional JV’s for my Pay Per Lead program. This is a nice way for you to bring in some quick cash by mailing your affiliate link to your list, or posting it on your high traffic blog, forum, site. Here are the PPL programs details: 

  • Get Paid $1.00 Per Lead sent from the top 7 countries, United States, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Australia & Ireland
    Squeeze Page you will be promoting is a custom made modern squeeze that has been tested with Solos and converts anywhere from 40-60%. Send me 1000 clicks, and you make $300-$400.
  • Get paid on time every time once monthly for the leads you bring in.
  • I am currently only paying for leads from United States, New Zealand, Ireland, Austrailia, United Kingdom & Canada. You know the importance of lead quality and how this effects it. My PPL software tracks where each lead comes from, and if you send one from another country, you simply won’t be credited for that lead.
  • As I said I am only looking for 15-20 new JV Partners. These seats will go quickly, and so if you know this is a good mutual opportunity please get signed up today. On the other had please DO NOT sign up if you know you’ll only be sending 5-10 leads, because then were just wasting our precious time.
  • No BS, No Paid Signups, No Incentivizing people to signup, No trying to cheat mePLEASE. :)  If you do, we will know, and that means NO MONEY FOR YOU. 
  • This program is a continuous part of my business, so if you get in now and can send leads, it will be a simple way for you to make easy money month in and month out. 
  • When you opt-in for this list, you will NOT be sent any Sales or Promotional E-mails. This is SOLELY for me to stay in touch with my JV partners. Also, opting in to this page IS NOT signing up for the program. After opting in you will be redirected to the sign up page where you will have to fill out a JV Sign Up form. (I ask you to opt-in with your best e-mail because because Awebers deliverability is much more dependable than sending from my own IP.)

I look forward to working with a select few of you in the very near future, and am excited to bring 15-20 new partners onto my JV team. I take my JV relationships VERY seriously, because as you know, there isn’t anything that can replace a well setup JV campaign for your business. If you are looking to become one of my JV’s I ask that you please take our relationship as seriously as I do, and if you do, our relationship will be a long and profitable one.

privacy Your Info Will Never Be Shared, Sold, Or Rented.

To Our Mutual Success,

Misha Wilson