I had an interesting conversation with a student yesterday about getting started with The Maui Intensive Coaching And Mentorship program here with The Super Affiliate Network.
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She was completely and totally STUCK on the idea of “earning her way into the event” (making enough
sales as a PRO level member in order cover the cost)…

…An idea that while in theory seems like a good one, ALWAYS ends up completely and totally

See, here’s the deal…

Her marketing FLAT OUT SUCKS (if you’re reading this, I know you won’t take offense, but it’s

She’s jumped from deal to deal and has tried program after program, but still hasn’t been able
to produce any result in her business.

She’s on the fence about getting started with The Maui Intensive, but keeps reverting back to a
level of thinking that’s NOT serving her… “Misha, I’ll be there trust me, I just want to
earn my way to the event with my business, instead of just paying for it upfront (and yes, she has
the capital to invest)”.

Now once again, it’s not a bad idea, and I actually completely and totally get it…

The issue is that it NEVER works, and chances are it’s why you’re broke.

See, the ONLY reason why she hasn’t been able to earn her way to the event in the first place is
because her Marketing simply doesn’t cut it…

…But on the flip-side, the only way that her Marketing will ever truly improve is if she gets
her ass to the event and get’s personal and ongoing coaching.

There’s something magical that happens when someone can look directly over your shoulder and
give you personal hands on help…

When someone can critique everything you’re doing, and identify where you should be focusing and
where you shouldn’t be.

When someone can tell you to make 1 or 2 adjustments, and as a result, immediately double
or triple your businesses revenue.

Personal coaching has been the SINGLE key to all of my success (accompanied by a whole hell of a
lot of work), and IS what leads to RAPID growth.

The only reason I can send e-mails that produce thousands of dollars (sometimes tens of thousands)
of revenue for myself and my business is because I invested in personal mentorship.

The only reason I can host webinars that pull in tens of thousands of dollars in a single night (my
record is just under $100,000 through ONE single webinar) is because I invested in personal mentorship.

The only reason I was able to take a business from zero to 1.3 million in total revenue in 6 and a
half months is because I invested in personal mentorship.

The problem is, that very few ever actually take it seriously and invest in it.

So today, please realize one thing… If your thought process is going something along these lines… “I’m not going to the event because I don’t have the funds”, or “I’m going to wait to invest until I’ve “earned my way in””…

You’re setting yourself up for a TON of struggle, and chances are that your breakthrough will never

The only reason you wouldn’t have the funds is due to not getting to the event in the first-place…

The only reason you may find it difficult to “earn your way to the next event” is due to not getting
to the event in the first-place…

…And the only reason you may continue to struggle is due to not getting to the event in the
first place.

The people who end up breaking through do whatever it takes.

They invest in there intellectual capital, invest in there skill-sets, and take massive action
towards achieving their goals.

Do what it takes, take massive action, get out of your comfort zone, and make some shit happen.

If you don’t you WILL be doomed to failure.

If you’re yet to start your journey in the Online World…

Click right here now and get started today.

To the top,

Misha Wilson

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