Your Action Plan For Success In 2015…

Your 6 Step Action Plan For Success In 2015…

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Your 6 Step Action Plan For Success In 2015…

Before we get into the meat of the actual action plan, there’s a point that we must cover in order for this action plan to help you…

That point being: A plan is only as valuable as the followthrough behind it. Most people don’t make anything happen in this industry for one reason… They never take action. They never followthrough and do anything with the endless amounts of life-changing information they’re given on a daily basis.

For the first year or so after coming online, I was the exact same way… I’d buy product after product and learn strategy after strategy always seeking more information, without ever really getting off my ass TO MAKE THINGS HAPPEN!

It’s one of the worst feelings you can possibly experience in your Entrepreneurial journey. The feeling of being bogged down and paralyzed by too many options without ever acting upon any of them. It’s a situation that a vast majority of Online Entrepreneurs get themselves into, and many never get out. According to a stat I read about 6 months ago, 85% of everyone trying to start an Online Business at some point or another experiences either “Information Overload”, (click here to checkout a blog post I made recently on why people actually experience Information Overload) or “Analysis Paralysis”… And many never break free from there devastating clutches. 

Don’t let that happen to you. Take action based upon everything in today’s post, and begin to build confidence in your own abilities to execute.

Mini Lesson: Confidence isn’t something that you just wake up one day with. It’s like anything else… It’s built through consistently taking action… through expanding your comfort zones… And through becoming an individual who feels confident in their abilities based upon past experiences. 

Alright… now for the action plan… 

1. Start Budgeting Every Month For Paid Advertising. 

Paid advertising is what’s going to allow you to build your business at the fastest rate humanly possible. Traffic is the lifeblood for your Online Business, and with paid advertising, you can have floods of it sent to any capture page you want within minutes.

Start small… cut out the Starbucks and dinners out and start building up a paid advertising budget. Even if at first it’s only $100 a month, begin the process, and get in the game.

2. Use Your Advertising Budget To ALWAYS BUILD YOUR LIST.

Your e-mail list is your single most valuable asset in your Online Business. Imagine being able to get your sales message in front of 1,000, 10,000, 50,000, or 100,000 people with a simply by hitting “send” in your Autoresponder back-office.

That’s completely possible when you always focus on building your e-mail list. Every dime you spend on paid advertising should be going towards building your #1 asset… Your e-mail list. 

When it comes to traffic generation, you must choose one form of traffic generation that seems appealing to you, and dedicate yourself to mastering it. Expect to WASTE SOME MONEY. There will be a learning curve… But when it’s all said and done and you know how to drive floods of traffic anywhere you want on complete demand, the investment will have been well worth it.

Setting up your own Pay Per Lead program is in my opinion the most risk free way for you to start generating leads and making sales on auto-pilot, WHILE you learn how to effectively drive traffic through other mediums.

This is the software I use to setup my Pay Per Lead programs…

3. Leverage A Done For You Offer To Begin Promoting. 

Most people get this one… but let’s talk about it for a second anyway. Don’t try and do everything yourself from the very beginning. There are offers you can promote for 100% commissions that have been created by 8 figure earners. Now ask yourself… do you think there sales copy, sales videos, and sales webinars will convert better than yours? Probably… right?

So don’t try and reinvent the wheel. Creating your own products will come later… but until your building your list, consistently making sales, and implementing #4 of today’s action plan, it’s probably a good idea to leverage a done for you offer. 

4. Learn, Do, And Teach Simultaneously.

It’s widely understood that being the leader and authority in your Marketplace makes everything easier. As the leader and authority, your levels of influence rise significantly, and sales become incredibly simple. People buy anything you offer because they look at YOU as the solution. When your looked at as an individual of value, no one will doubt your products or services quality… and low sales volume will become a thing of the past.

But here’s the deal: The only way to become a person of value, or the leader and authority, is to be constantly adding value to your marketplace. 

This is where the learn, do, and teach methodology comes into play… As you begin to learn new skills and then implement them and take more and more action, you need to simultaneously teach people what your learning and doing.

Setup a blog, and for every action you take, teach people what you did, and what the end result was with a blog post. Even if it was a failure… showing people what NOT TO DO can be just as powerful as showing people what to do.

Then go ahead and send the blog post out to your e-mail list that you’re building.

In the process of creating problem solving, value driven content, and then consistently sharing it with your list, you’ll build a relationship with your list. The money is in the relationship you have with your list. This month in my personal business I had 3 high ticket sales… sales of over $2k… And guess what… I talked to each of those individuals on the phone, and they each said pretty much the same thing… something along the lines of “I’ve been following you for a while through your e-mails and blog posts, and am finally ready to get started… And you just seem like the right person to join.

Now ask yourself, why on earth would I just seem like right person to join?

It’s because I’ve been the person consistently solving their problems through blog posts, youtube videos, podcast shows, ect… and putting in the work to build a relationship. 

Sooner or later your prospect will be ready to join. The question is whether or not you’re the person that they’ll seek out when they’re ready. 

5. Get Comfortable With Investing Heavily In Yourself

This is something that I still need to work on and improve upon myself. The most successful people in our, or any industry realize one thing, that there intellectual capital is there #1 most valuable asset (I guess your e-mail list is actually #2… 🙂)… And by intellectual capital I mean what you know… your skill-sets.

Getting comfortable with spending money on products, attending events, and getting necessary coaching that will add to your intellectual capital be one of the things that makes or breaks your success. I’m sure you’ve heard the term, “you don’t know what you don’t know“… well by investing in yourself and taking your education seriously throughout 2015, you’ll drastically increase what you do know, thus empowering yourself with the knowledge necessary to accomplish your goals.

The important thing to realize is that investing in yourself is a skill to be learned like anything else. Start small with $10 ebooks, and slowly scale… and you’ll soon find yourself spending thousands of dollars a month on your Marketing education without hesitation.

I remember when I was first getting started I would buy products, go through them, and then return them for a full refund. haha I would pretty much steal the information I needed. I’d do this because I didn’t quite understand the value that information… and because I was a broke 22 year old. 😛

Nowadays I’ve expanded my comfort zone, and will without hesitation buy pretty much everything that I see that could possibly help me… up to about the $2,000 mark. That’s where my current comfort zone maxes out… And one of my New Years resolutions is to smash that comfort zone and invest more in myself than ever before.

6. Stay Consistent

I’m going to keep this step brief because I feel it should be obvious… If you want more info on the importance of consistency, checkout this blog post.

Look… If you take the action plan that I’ve given you today and run with it, you WILL see results… BUT ONLY IF YOU STAY CONSISTENT IN IMPLEMENTATION. 

Realize that you’re running a business, and running a business takes having operating hours where you consistently sit down and get shit done.

Commit to 6 months of all out action, and you’ll be shocked at what will happen for you and your business. 

And that my friends IS IT.

As of today…

1. Start Budgeting Every Month For Paid Advertising. 

2. Use Your Advertising Budget To ALWAYS BUILD YOUR LIST.

3. Leverage A Done For You Offer To Begin Promoting. 

4. Learn, Do, And Teach Simultaneously.

5. Get Comfortable With Investing Heavily In Yourself

6. And Stay Consistent… 

And 2015 will surely be the best year of your business’s life.

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To Our Mutual Success,

Misha Wilson

Me and Michelle

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Misha Wilson is known as the youngest and fastest growing traffic and conversion expert on the Internet. He's known for his ability to bring hoards of cold traffic to any website he wants, and then convert that traffic into high ticket buyers and a group of loyal fan customers. If you're struggling to either get traffic to your website or convert your traffic into big sales, Misha is your guy.
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Misha Wilson is known as the youngest and fastest growing traffic and conversion expert on the Internet. He's known for his ability to bring hoards of cold traffic to any website he wants, and then convert that traffic into high ticket buyers and a group of loyal fan customers. If you're struggling to either get traffic to your website or convert your traffic into big sales, Misha is your guy.


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