“The Super Affiliate Network”

Sick and tired of constantly spinning your wheels in a perpetual state of overwhelm with your Online Business? If so, The Super Affiliate Network will be for you. It’s the fastest and the simplest way to start making money online, as quickly as the same day you sign up. Complete with a 21 module intensive training system, your own coach to keep you out of overwhelm and on track, and a phone sales team that handles all the high ticket sales! 99.9% of everything is 100% DONE FOR YOU. Click here for all of the details of the most revolutionary, turn-key marketing system on the planet, available for you to tap into starting later today!

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“The IM Profit Formula”

If you’re sick and tired of being stuck in a state of constant overwhelm without any REAL strategy, all while spending too many hours in front of your computer with little if anything to show for it… The IM Profit Formula will be exactly what you’re looking for. Inside you’ll learn the 7 profit compounders I used to take a brand new business from ZERO to $347,284 in a single month, all in just 4 months flat. Focus on JUST these 7 things (which is easier to do than you think), and you’ll be generating leads, making sales, and creating profits in no time!

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“The Solo Ad Success Formula”


Every business, online or off needs traffic to survive… And whether you realize it or not, all traffic comes with a cost. You’ll either spend your time and energy generating free traffic for your business, or your advertising dollars on paid forms of traffic. Either way is fine, but the one thing you must make sure of is that the traffic sources you’re investing in will eventually lead to you generating leads, sales, and lifelong customers for your business. The Solo Ad Success Formula shows you the simple 4 step system Misha has used to consistently generate upwards of 300 leads a day and stay ATOP the leaderboards of almost anything he promotes… If you like responsive traffic, read hot leads, and daily sales, all while spending less than an hour a day on your traffic generation, The Solo Ad Success Formula is for you.

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“Super Affiliate Monthly”

If you’re sick and tired of learning outdated strategies that don’t actually work and want to learn EXACTLY what’s working RIGHT NOW to produce results… Super Affiliate Monthly will be exactly what you’re looking for! With Super Affiliate Monthly, you’ll learn exactly what’s currently working in our multi-million dollar business, hot off the presses, so you can use it NOW, while it’ll still work for you in your business. If you want to add an extra zero to your bottom line by staying on the cutting edge of Marketing and innovation, then Super Affiliate Monthly will be for you!

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  • Randy

    Reply Reply June 19, 2017

    Regarding super affiliate network. Besides the program, is there anything else I need in order for this to work? Do I need a domain, hosting, or autoresponder? What set up do I need to do? Do you have an example of how the funnel will look like? What is the price range for paid traffic? Please respond to each of my questions.

    • Misha

      Reply Reply July 11, 2017

      Paid traffic, yes.

      Ad it’s one of those things where the more you can spend, the more you’ll make.

  • David A.Christian

    Reply Reply August 29, 2017

    Misha, I,m all for buying more traffic, please send me the details on the cost and what my % of profit can be. Thanks David

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